The Canon Powershot SX30IS

The Canon SX30IS Powershot

The Impressive Canon SX30IS

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I am very familiar with this family of cameras, having owned a Canon SX5 and a SX10. The questions I faced was to either jump to a DSLR, like for instance the Rebel T2i or 60D. After weighing up the pros and the cons (see below!) I made up my mind and remained loyal to Canon and bought the Canon SX30IS. I realized that this camera has a smaller sensor and that it doesn’t incorporate a RAW feature, but I don’t really like to sit with images and Photoshop them. As I live on the beach, I wanted something that would pick out wildlife well, do a good job on the zoom and give me HD video if I wanted it. The Canon SX30IS is a perfect choice!


  1. No more AA batteries, a proprietary lithium ion battery instead. Great choice; it makes  lighter. Get a one or two extra for back up, as making videos is demanding on the battery.
  2. The zoom is just amazing. Disengage the digital zoom (don’t we all?) and use the 35X optical.
  3. The 720 HD video works very well and you can zoom optically up to 35X. Use a tripod or at least a monopod.
  4. The grip is a bit larger, which makes it feel more sturdy.


  1. No printed manual. You have to print out your own (pdf) from a supplied CD. I think Canon should throw in a printed manual, with customer spending this much money.
  2. No RAW mode. It is better to move up to the so-called Rebel category if you really need it. It will mean that, to buy a zoom length this big, you will have to fork out roughly four times more.

All in all, this camera is a very good investment and I highly recommend it.

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Canon SX30 IS Manual/Review

Hello today i am reviewing the camera i bought and using for my videos called the Canon Powershoot SX30 IS. This is sort of a review, but more of a manual. It is my first review, the next one i do will be way better! I hope you enjoy! :D

- Alien1tech